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Assorted Flowers

Flower Power!

Are you ready for spring? Inspire yourself to make something floral to get in the spring spirit. Our featured items consists of all types of daisy's and flowers, in which vary from ear clutches, stamped seam beads, conchos, Tucker Tools and Stamps. Most items are Sterling, Nickle Silver, and Silver Plated. The harden steel stamps will add a unique look to your designs. Get your flower products today here at Thunderbird! 

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Stock #: 724530

1/4" Stamp #M39 Daisy

From $9.50
Stock #: 541001

4mm Silver Plated Daisy Spacer 10pcs

From $1.01
Stock #: 541002

6mm Silver Plated Daisy Spacer

From $1.62
Stock #: 723904

Daisy- Shot Plate Tucker Tool Die

From $55.00
Stock #: 724702

Flower Stamp 3/8" tool

From $12.00
Stock #: 503919

Silver Plated Daisy Beads 6mm
100 Beads

From $2.00
Stock #: 724604

Stamp A29 Daisy

From $9.50
Stock #: 724612

Stamp WM22 Flower

From $9.50
Stock #: 724613

Stamp WM23 Heart Flower

From $9.50
Stock #: 523727

Sterling Silver Daisy Hook And Eye

From $8.80