Daily Spot Price: 11/11/2019 Gold: $1,452.05 Silver: $16.77

Swarovski 4-6mm

Swarovski Crystals is a diamond for everyone, these famous crystals are beautiful to incorporate into your jewelry creations. Choose from a selection of 4-6mm beads in assorted colors such as Aurora Borealis or a solid plain color. Take advantage of this sale today and stock up on these Swarovski Beads today. 

This sale is valid for online customers only, subject to stock on hand. Sale ends November 14, 2019 (MTN)

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Stock #: 878162

6mm Swarovski BD Amethyst

From $1.98
Stock #: 878102

Swarovski Amethyst Bead 4mm

From $0.67
Stock #: 878132

Swarovski Amethyst Bead 5mm

From $1.37
Stock #: 878123

Swarovski Aquamarine Bead 4mm

From $0.98
Stock #: 878183

Swarovski Aquamarine Bead 6mm

From $1.98
Stock #: 878103

Swarovski Capri Blue Bead 4mm

From $0.98
Stock #: 878163

Swarovski Capri Blue Bead 6mm

From $1.98
Stock #: 878101

Swarovski Crystal AB Bead 4mm

From $1.01
Stock #: 878131

Swarovski Crystal AB Bead 5mm

From $1.42
Stock #: 878161

Swarovski Crystal AB Bead 6mm

From $1.80