Daily Spot Price: 2/27/2021 Silver: $26.24 Gold: $1,742.85

Weekly Special 02/18-02/25

Earrings bring out the divine beauty in women. Dating back as far as BC era timeline and Cleopatra, earrings are a very popular jewel as of today. We invite all artists from around the world to create miraculous designs with our help in supplying their equipment. Our sale this week consists of many types of ear wires such as: (beading) ear hoops, kidney, contemporary, French with ball or loop, ear posts and clutches. Stunning style formats, selected sizes, assorted material like nickel, copper, sterling silver, silver plated, and gold plated.


Items are limited to stock on hand. Sale valid online only. Offer ends soon on 02/25/2021 @ 7:59am MTN


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