Daily Spot Price: 6/18/2024 Silver: $29.40 Gold: $2,324.35

Scrap Metal Credit

Sterling Silver Metal Scrap Recycling 

Customers that want to sell back (“turn in”) sterling silver scrap in-store, have the option of cash or trade for scrap. Thunderbird Supply uses the Handy and Harman Silver Base Price, published at approximately noon Eastern Time on market days for its daily silver market.  The quality of sterling silver scrap will determine price offered.

Thunderbird Supply Company accepts sterling silver scrap (including filings). Silver scrap metal should be separated by type of metal, filings, soldered scrap, and unsoldered scrap.  We only accept silver or base metal scrap.  Scrap metal is processed 1 to 2 business days after receipt.  All Silver metal scrap is weighed in troy ounces and payment will be applied at the silver market of that day.  Base metal separated scrap is only purchased clean in nickel, copper, or brass at $0.20 per pound.

On the day the silver metal scrap is processed, you will receive the % of the daily silver market spot price, listed below for trade:

Clean unsoldered or heated          80% of daily silver market
Heated and soldered                    70% of daily silver market
Filings or melted                          60% of daily silver market

Those wanting cash                     55% of daily silver market, clean scrap only—no solder, no filings, no melted

Your trade credit will be applied to your Thunderbird account for future purchases. Please let your salesperson know that you would like to use your scrap credit on your account when placing your next order, so that it can be applied to your order. 

Our Albuquerque and Gallup store locations can accept silver scrap for cash or/and trade. The Flagstaff store location can only accept scrap for trade.

Customers selling back more than 5 ounces of silver in a given transaction will be asked to show their photo ID.

If you would like to mail us your scrap metal, you may send it to:

Thunderbird Supply Company
Attn:  Mail Order
1907 W Historic Route 66
Gallup, NM  87301-6806

Please double bag all scrap to prevent silver loss and separating your scrap will give you a better return.

Be sure to include this information so credit will be given to the proper account:

• Customer number (if you have one)
• Name
• Address
• Telephone number. 

Thunderbird Supply reserves the right to refuse at any time and without prior notice, any or all scrap turned in for either trade or cash.

Terms are subject to change without notice. Last update 2/24