Daily Spot Price: 9/21/2020 Silver: $24.32 Gold: $1,906.00

Thunderbird Cares

Thunderbird and you, together helping our community!

Every quarter, Thunderbird Supply Co. and it's employees band together to help a local and National Charity. 
Veterans Helping Veterans are trying to raise funds to place an 80 foot pole and a 20 x 30 foot US flag on the hill behind the Community Hall (Bingo Hall) and the Community Pantry on Hasler Valley Road. We need about $14,000.00 to do this CIVIC PROJECT.
This FLAG will compliment the New US Federal/NM State Veterans Cemetery on Hasler Valley Road, The Congressional Medal Honor Hiroshi Miyamura overpass and the Bataan Veterans Street.
This will help keep Gallup, New Mexico as the MOST PATRIOTIC SMALL TOWN IN AMERICA.
For the past few months, our loyal customers and staff helped raised $5,500 for our local Veterans Helping Veterans!!! Thank you to all who contributed, we would not have done this without you.